GREEK COOKING CLASS MELBOURNE | Only Cookery. Join Kelly from The Hellenic Odyssey, a Greek home cook with a proud heritage, for a Melbourne Greek Cooking Class In Person. We come together to create a generous spread of food and to learn about the Mediterranean diet. Learn how to prepare traditional authentic dishes that you won’t commonly find in a Greek restaurant. Instead, it is food that you would expect to eat in the Greek family kitchen. MEDITERRANEAN DIET The Mediterranean Diet is a dietary pattern modelled on the eating habits of the Cretans in the 1950s. Nowadays, it is the most comprehensively researched diet in the world with evidence showing that it is incredibly beneficial for physical & mental health. The Mediterranean Diet follows 10 basic rules of eating. It not only looks at what we eat but how we eat. It rests on the premise that the very basic act of eating brings people together, it creates a sense of community, it allows for discussion time and it provides enjoyment through the sense of taste. Hence, food forms an important part of the human experience. Food makes us feel, it evokes emotion and memories. SHARING OF FOOD Greek food is not only about sharing food and passing down recipes taught from grandmothers and mothers but it also ensures the recipes are not forgotten. Food also follows deeply seeded traditions that imply that one’s home is a welcoming and hospitable environment open to all. Some of our fondest memories involve food because of the strong sensory relationship we have with it. The flavours and aromas, the textures and the visual appeal of beautifully presented dishes. Linked to the sweetness, the tastiness, the crunch and all that is part of this banquet we call life. We look forward to connecting with you and creating fond culinary memories by transporting you to Greece even if it is just for a moment. IMPORTANT INFORMATION MELBOURNE GREEK COOKING CLASS IN PERSON Health and safety Our Greek Cooking Classes are not recommended for those with medically diagnosed food allergies. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us. We may be able to adjust some of the recipes and food to accommodate your needs. If you are participating in an interactive cooking event, you must wear covered shoes at all times when in the kitchen.