21 Dec 2021: Christmas Special: Sweet potato salad and Mushroom-Green peas Curry (GF/Ve /Keto) | Only Cookery. The actual timing 10AM SGT (Singapore Time). Healthy Christmas Menu This menu is good for people who are vegan/vegetarian or eat gluten-free Even for those who are on Keto diet. Keep just plain rice ready and enjoy the meal with family and friends. 1. Sweet Potato salad (さつまいもサラダ) 2. Mushroom and Green peas curry (マッシュルームとグリンピースカレー) 1. Sweet Potato salad (さつまいもサラダ): The salad is delicious, nutritious, and can be eaten as a light snack, starter, or breakfast. Sweet potatoes spiced up with lemon and ginger juice make a mouth-watering dish. This colorful salad looks beautiful for a Christmas party. 2. Mushroom and Green peas curry : Simple, basic curry recipe. Green peas as a base you can add tofu, boiled potatoes, carrot, Indian cottage cheese (paneer), chicken, or keema (ground meat). Serve it with rice or Indian bread. This is a Vegan and gluten-free recipe. According to Ayurveda, green peas help to reduce Vata and Pitta dosha. The online class will be conducted in both languages, English and Japanese. The zoom link and the recipes will be given upon registration.