Online Cooking Classes: Why They're So Popular And How They Work | Only Cookery. Cooking classes are popping up everywhere, and they’re a great way to learn new recipes, tips and techniques from experienced chefs. But what if you could take those cooking classes from the comfort of your living room? Online cooking classes are a new trend that’s perfect for people who want a flexible cooking education. Why are cooking classes so popular? Thanks to the boom of cooking shows on TV (“The Great British Baking Show” on PBS, “MasterChef” on Fox) and the rise of subscription services like Blue Apron, where you can deliver delicious meals to your door each week, people are more interested in their kitchen skills. Plus, cooking is trendy now: 2018 is the year of making, for those with The Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year: Living Coral, which is perfect for sipping sangria or making those gingery pesto cookies. Cooking classes are also easier to afford: if you’re single or on a budget, you can find affordable courses that include ingredients and recipes. What’s more, if you can’t make it to the class in person, there are plenty of options for download or streaming. There are even cooking schools that let you tour a What are the benefits of online cooking classes? It doesn’t matter where you live, you can learn how to make delicious meals without leaving the house. You can also download tutorials to your phone or tablet. You can even save your favorite recipes from the comfort of your couch and save them for future meals. What’s more, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen. Take online cooking classes at the discounted price of $29.99 and save $19.99 by clicking here. We’re offering a special discount of $19.99 for our readers. Just enter the promo code URBANJULY15 at checkout. To find even more great deals like this, including Amazon Echo, Nintendo Switch and at Nordstrom, click here. The challenges of online cooking classes Of course, you have to be able to cook in order to have any chance of success in these classes. So what do you need? For starters, you’ll need to know what ingredients to buy. But even if you’re a good cook, you’ll need to know how to shop for food and cook. Gone are the days where you can walk into a kitchen and find the ingredients you need all on the shelf. A good food service will usually ask customers to specify what they’re cooking and ensure they have everything they need in stock. You may also be required to bring your own utensils, cutting boards and crockery. And if you think you can cook a lovely dish, you’ll be put through a series of tests in a lab. Here are the things you need to get cooking in an online cooking class: Assessments For those who want to cook full How do online cooking classes work? There are lots of different online cooking classes available, which vary in topics and price. The best online cooking classes are designed to teach different techniques for specific meals, like how to make Christmas Day menus. Here’s how online cooking classes work. Choose a recipe, say, for salmon to make on Christmas Eve. You can choose from the site’s library or choose a meal that your tutor has chosen for you. You’ll be asked to choose the fish, the cooking method, the fat and the sides and choose what you’ll eat at dinner. After that, you’ll be sent a kit with a recipe to follow, ingredients to buy, cooking tips and hints, a list of food and cooking equipment you’ll need, and a shopping list. It also gives you a deadline. Choose to order one of the many ingredients, and order the Conclusion Online cooking classes can be an excellent learning experience for home cooks. They allow people to have the hands-on experience of learning from those with years of experience, and it’s also easy to practice a new recipe with a fresh outlook.