3 Reasons Why a World of Possibility Has Opened up for Independent Food Content Creators | Only Cookery. Covid-19 has hit the industry hard and it will never be the same. But if anything, the pandemic has shown that being nimble & independent at a time like this is a huge advantage that can leave you better off. For some, Covid has been the perfect time to reinvent themselves and their business. Usually characterised by tough working conditions and low pay, being involved in the food industry typically isn’t the most glamorous of career choices. Slaving away at 60+ hour weeks and unorthodox working hours isn’t most people's idea of plane sailing. Just a short look at Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, or Marco Pierre White’s White Heat and you will see the uglier side of the trade! But times are changing and some independent chefs and home cooks are taking it to the next level, doing better than they’ve ever done by embracing modern technology and a fresh can-do-it attitude. More and more foodies are asking ‘how can I make money cooking and doing what I love from home?’ Here are 3 key reasons why there’s a new cooking revolution on the horizon, opening up unlimited possibilities that will liberate tens of thousands of independent chefs and food content creators who desire to make a living doing what they love most. Could you be one of those people and leave your dreaded 9-to-5 once and for all and start a future where you wake up doing what you love every single day? 1) Long term global trends of health & nutrition accelerating everyday Global awareness of how important diet and what we put into our body is increasing every single day. An estimated 45 million Americans went on a diet and spent over $33 billion in 2020 - more than ever before. The truth is from self-consciousness to physical limitations, more and more people feel that their size is keeping them from being the person they truly are. The population is seeking this information in a variety of ways and it has shown no signs of slowing down. How will you be a part of this huge consistently growing market? 2) Changing habits and massive digital adoption due to Covid Social distancing due to Covid has caused everyone to dramatically change their behaviours and look for new ways to connect from the comfort of their own home. Naturally, the internet has seen a dramatic increase in usage, as seen by a 27% increase in Facebook from February 2020 to April 2020. In the cooking world, this has been characterised by a huge increase in online cooking classes and groups that connect around food. And some companies have massively benefitted from this phenomenon as online cuisine classes are a response to help beat COVID-19 lockdown blues. This trend has shown real signs that it is in fact a long term shift in consumer behaviour as millennials spend more than 50% of their money on experiences and favour experiences they can remember over material items. This market will only grow as more millennials mature and their disposable income increases - now is the time to get involved! 3) Technological advancements making it possible for you to compete The last decade has seen the barrier to entry to the market almost disappear due to massive improvements in technology. First brands realised the power of the audiences that influencers built and so began the Influencer marketing era where brands pay influencers for post and promotions. Now, the rise of Shopify, Patreon, Only Fans and other platforms have made it possible for individuals to act like businesses and generate multiple income streams. Unleashing the potential for content creators to act independently and not be dependent on brands for income. Some would say there was a change in mindset from certain savvy content creators to realise they don’t need the brands, they are the brands. Conclusion Long-term trends like the desire to live healthily, medium-term trends such as technological advancements and emergent phenomena like Covid-19 have set the stage for food content creators to thrive. Those who take action will build a community of loyal paying fans that are happy to pay a premium for authentic connections and cooking content that they can relate to. How can Only Cookery help you take that step? Unlike other platforms, Only Cookery is specifically built for food content creators. Giving them all the tools they need to create multiple revenue streams in multiple different business models. For example, you can sell tickets to your online cooking classes and build a subscription service of long-term paying customers at the same time. The ingredients are there, all you need to do is fire up the oven. With Only Cookery launching in 2021, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips - for FREE! What’s holding you back from taking the step towards a future where you have more control over your future and you don’t depend on others? Sign up and apply to be a host to start your new future.