20 Minute Ideas that Make Weeknight Dinner Easy | Only Cookery. [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]The phrase I regret most as a child is, "I can’t wait to grow up." I do not know about you, but for me, adulthood is overrated. The question, "What am I cooking tonight?" is one of the biggest stressors of adulthood. And to be honest, you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed trying to find the answer. [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Each dinner idea you will see in this blog takes just a few minutes to prepare and cooks in about 20 minutes. I like to think of these types of meals as saviours in times of need. I mean, who could not use more time?[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]In your quest to reclaim time, take it a step further by getting ready-to-go ingredients like shredded cheese from a bag for Tuesday's pasta dish and Thursday's quesadillas. The flour tortillas you need for the kimchi quesadillas can also be used for the soup on Monday. So buy a little extra at the supermarket.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Easy Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Get help at the supermarket to cut down on prep time. Do not bother making a broth from scratch when you can accomplish the same goal with a few boxes. Grab frozen corn, canned tomatoes, and pre-sliced onions (which you can find in the produce section), and while you are at it, add one of those roast chickens to your cart. Shred the meat and add it all together.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][img width=624]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/H_pCw_YGomFHUHc2ODlPCyj_LkvYXFmWpHfkjyodajA7g8B8Yze0uHndizSbF7kzJIipMSKPE7ff-KtGcR-xE-2wzvRktBcSeI6cBNnCk4ni2U8vrfECpHUHFxPnzWj5HUdlgeIf=s1600[/img][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Pasta Carbonara[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/a2lqfZarxjR1GxWN8T2B_cWscJ7PksLqjuCYEPqNc85E5xBxz12wEcz5qPGf6eet7kZ3hV_fcOnwRb-Gf23-gRaTOk41qhhYHfOw-6mDcicBtR6eP5y1g3kDaC5-SlVl8c7YUS4s=s1600[/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]For this classic Italian dish, you need pancetta or bacon. Since I always have the latter on hand, I use it here as well. Friday's meatballs also use chopped bacon. I am going to take care of the bacon for both recipes now and save time on Friday.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Mayo[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Af4fQ5VnarxRIV72tt1XjvlzYqj2ficmQdRS81klpunA__JYcT43u5xXlyRA01qiZEqeZd2WJlJR_CG3Rvr1FMSAlN2q-Ej-xs_Fr-KqDL08I8rg_1KgbDES8aSdVjvHrU5Zgmbc=s1600[/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]These sweet and spicy coconut shrimp can wear quite a few serving hats. Spoon them on steamed white or brown rice, toss them in cooked soba noodles, or wrap them in tortillas. Get a bag of peeled and deveined shrimp with tails from the supermarket. You can usually find them in the freezer in the seafood section.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Kimchi Avocado Quesadilla[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/f4mKiONTM3nqiI1Qrd-JYtyufxt0dyFnWzIfPJUw1TOU1eLu0_7H0__mfEFX4NQFMGXHTuoyQSMAeURYtWu0X3Y1wlvaDnhyO3WLuFowUMGntl-QZBgIA67JXfPOIRPZN2j-MwQk=s1600[/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Kimchi may be new to your menu, but it's a weekly thing for me and my crew. Instead of serving it as a side dish, this week I am stuffing it into a flour tortilla and making it the star of the show. This quesadilla recipe makes 2 servings, but it can easily be doubled or tripled. If you want to spice up this meal a bit, head to your local Korean market and buy other banchan (side dishes) to serve with the quesadillas.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Greek Meatballs[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/NHeHFnfd61kjTVtftegL8rEzUdTCB-KWhyH5Hiqie9ge4rdHsFK2X8LKZKiFXDtMNdPD25091C1VoQ8BzdSAeccqqlWSQtkQTgJ_-qRCSHEc-H5R_Wt_3_Xjkq-uDagzcBUZZu0i=s1600[/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [ml][ol][li indent=0 align=justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Double this recipe for Greek meatballs, because they can be frozen for three months. You can then take them out, reheat them in the microwave, and save your future self even more time. I stuff them into warm pita bread and garnish everything with the tzatziki sauce from this recipe, but you can also serve them in grain bowls over steamed orzo or farro.[/highlight][/size][/li][/ol][/ml] [b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Weekend Baking: No-Bake Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies[/highlight][/size][/b] [size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/hpyWLOUZzjRVPBdPgPpBfc7v3a_h8iYqctLzR8dyxKCq_7U6mLu4YP8ma30dMPIgmJ-ys0PmFHK-42XlAuQp299Ol5GklqeP6GYpgG6A5UvUsuUBZQ9vHWfAlK84mVrE1Kdh5D6t=s1600[/img][/highlight][/size] [size=4][highlight=transparent]For these cookies, you only need 3 minutes to cook the cocoa mixture and 20 minutes to cool. While the cookies are cooling, prepare dinner for the evening![/highlight][/size] [size=4][highlight=transparent]We hope you enjoy these ideas as much as we have! If you ever recreate any of these dishes please let us know in the comments and share with all your friends. [/highlight][/size] [size=4][highlight=transparent]Only Cookery. [/highlight][/size]