Tips for Your Brand Using Instagram Reels | Only Cookery. [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]It might be time to start experimenting with Instagram Reels if you want to take your Instagram marketing game to the next level.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Instagram Reels are short [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]15’’ to 60’’ second videos [/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent]that can be dubbed with music or videos. When someone scrolls, the clip plays on a loop, repeating until they scroll away. These short, catchy videos are likely to be shared and go viral.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]This new Instagram feature serves as a jumping-off point for all kinds of on-brand, on-topic video compositions that you can use to connect with followers and increase your brand awareness.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]How Do Instagram Reels Work?[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Instagram Reels, like TikTok or any other popular short music video app, allows you to dive into the realm of short videos. Here's how to play about with your Reels, create new ones, and add music to them.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Explore Reels[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Spend some time looking at other people's Reels and how they use them for their own platforms or brand accounts before diving in.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]To access Reels, go to the app's Reels icon tab, which resembles a director's clapboard with a play button. Here you may see Reels from accounts you follow as well as others Instagram believes you'll like based on your Instagram activity.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=288][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Reels can also be found by going to the Explore page and searching for it. You can also look for the Reels icon directly on a profile page. [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]​​How to Create an Instagram Reels [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]To add a video to an Instagram post, tap the little [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]plus sign icon in the upper right corner[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent]. A screen with a range of creator options, including Reels, will appear.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]When you select Reels, a menu of customizing options will appear. Many features, such as the [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]music symbol[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent], [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]rapid speed[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent], and [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]timer[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent], will be familiar to Instagram users. You can also choose whether your [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]video[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent] is [/highlight][/size][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]15 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute[/highlight][/size][/b][size=4][highlight=transparent] long. If you're not sure where to begin, start small. Remember that reel videos, which play a shorter video again and over, may have a greater impact.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=202][/img][img width=202][/img][img width=196][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Music in reels[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]The music icon will appear when you begin making your reel video. When you click on the music note, you'll be sent to a library of songs, similar to the music you may use in your Instagram stories. You can also save the songs that are trendy and reuse them if needed. [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]To find music that works for your video, use the search box at the top. Then pick the part of the song that best suits your video. If you don't want music on your video, you can make your Reels out of background noise or your own voice.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=291][/img][img width=288][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Use Instagram Reels to Promote Your Business[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Reels, like so many other social media tools, allows marketers to interact and engage with their audience. However, getting above the noise and coming up with video ideas that are both genuine to your business and appealing to your audience can be difficult.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Use Instagram Reels to tell your brand's story[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]What is the "why" behind your actions? Every company has one and telling it is a fantastic approach to build meaningful relationships with your customers. Instagram Reels makes it easy to tell your narrative in a fun and genuine way. When telling the story behind your brand, you want it to be real rather than salesy.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)][img width=288][/img][img width=290][/img][/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]The video comes across as genuine and pleasant. Videos are a fun way to convey the tale of their first year in business.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Offer Special Discount Codes[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]This is where things can get interesting! Why not "thank" your most devoted fans and viewers with discounts and unique opportunities in a creative and engaging way? This might be a terrific strategy to promote a new product or a seasonal offer in order to attract more people who are ready to shop at your establishment.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]You can also tag your products in your Instagram Reel if your company Instagram account is set up for Instagram shopping. With an interesting video reel, get viewers enthusiastic about your goods, then give a discount they won't want to miss, and make shopping easy with the tag right there in the post.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Display Your Products[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Do you have a lot of features or options in your product? Or do you create one-of-a-kind items for each customer? Reels can help you emphasize what makes your items stand out, as well as product features and applications.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]The company @imtwenty2store uses Instagram Reels to show off their Handmade Candles in action, so their followers can see how they can look on their home. This is the perfect way to connect with your audience.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)][img width=288][/img][/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Show your creative process[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]People enjoy receiving a sneak glance at their favourite items and designers because it makes them feel special. Newcomers to your brand might gain a better appreciation of the work and effort that goes into making your goods.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Reels can be a fun way to loop people in and help them feel more connected to your business, whether you add a sneak peek to your editorial schedule or put the camera on when inspiration strikes.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]The influencer @andreagarte has her own shoe business in Spain called Myagleet or as the store is known on social media @myagleet. On her reels, she shows her viewers how their packages are created step by step and how everything would look if they buy one of her products. This is an amazing way to promote your brand and connect with your customers. [/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)][img width=289][/img][img width=288][/img][/color][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Reels Can Help You Educate Your Audience[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Instagram Reels allow you the opportunity to educate your followers about your company or the ideals it represents. You can convey the knowledge you take for granted as an expert in short pieces, but they may still be researching. It's a fantastic method to promote the industry while also teaching others.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Product Demonstration[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]These short videos are a fun way to show off what makes your product amazing, whether it's a sophisticated product that needs a full explanation or you just want to show off cool features. You can be inventive, silly, or completely insane. You may, for example, highlight unique features or less obvious applications for your product.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Artists can take advantage of this by emphasizing the attention to detail that goes into their work. Rachel Froud's Instagram Reels show her viewers how she creates her artwork.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]Giveaways Should Be Announced On Instagram Reels[/color][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]If you're using freebies to gain more followers or reward loyal customers, Instagram Reels can assist you in spreading the news and creating excitement. You may also conduct a surprise giveaway, your followers would love to win and tag their friends to obtain some of your brand's products.[/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)][img width=192][/img][img width=191][/img][img width=192][/img][/color][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][color=rgb(38, 39, 44)]In conclusion guys, Instagram Reels can help you revitalize your Instagram account and grow your following. Create short videos that integrate catchy music while telling your brand's narrative. It's a fantastic tool for experimenting and being creative, so get right in. If you found this blog helpful, don't forget to share it with your foodie friends and leave a comment![/color][/size][/justify]