How to Stand Out on your Social Media Platforms | Only Cookery. [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Separating yourself from the crowd on social media to stand out can be difficult, especially if you're a small business with limited resources. And, given that 90% of small businesses use social media to sell their products or services, separating yourself from the competition is even more difficult.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]That said, your social media marketing and branding methods don't have to be groundbreaking; all you have to do is figure out how to stand out in your business or community. Here are some social media techniques to help your small business get noticed and genuinely stand out.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Select the Correct Social Media Platforms[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Take your time and explore how your products or services may be marketed on each network, rather than diving right in and having a presence on every social channel you can think of. Furthermore, you must be intimately familiar with your target demographic and possess a thorough understanding of the social media platforms they use. If your content doesn't fit or your target audience isn't engaged on a certain platform, it's pointless to try to fit a square peg into a round hole.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Seek Feedback from Your Target Audience[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Be proactive in your communications with your target audience and following. Make them feel important and appreciated by requesting their opinion or advice on a specific topic, rather than just conversing with them on social media. You may get people talking and promote debate among your followers by offering a relevant industry-related topic. It's also a fantastic way to get feedback on your products and services.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]You'll not only show your target audience how essential they are to you, but you'll also display your faith in them. This, in turn, will go a long way toward gaining their trust.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Look for Inspiration in Others[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Yes, there may be some small businesses in your area who succeed at social media marketing, but don't try to copy what they're doing. Look for ideas and inspiration outside of your sector. On numerous social media platforms, you can follow a plethora of brands and persons. Start by conducting a fast Google search for a list of some of the most inspiring social profiles from various industries and genres.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Also, don't be afraid to interact with industry social media influencers. They may be a very useful tool for promoting your goods or services. According to a Nielsen report, 93% of consumers are convinced to make a purchase based on a referral from a friend. If the influencers you target have a large following and enjoy your product, you'll be well on your way to distinguishing yourself from the competition and increasing sales.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Don't Be Afraid to Show Your True Colors[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Your audience and followers want to know about you and your story. They'll be more likely to identify with you if you're real and open. Don't be scared to share knowledge that motivates and entertains you.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Yes, you want to be professional and emphasize your knowledge, but you also want to demonstrate your humanity. Your followers will be able to identify with you more if you include inspirational quotations and hilarious anecdotes that speak to your audience and express your company's ideals.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Include National Holidays in Your Posts[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Each day, week, and month of the year honors different causes, goods, and celebrations in order to raise awareness, promote advocacy, or simply have some fun. There are thousands of national days, weeks, and months for commemorating just about anything under the sun, from National Lasagna Day to National Trivia Day to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Some are obviously more serious and substantial than others, but you may use events throughout the year to promote your company and/or industry on social media. They might be another entertaining or educational technique to get people interested in your products or services.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Pay Attention to the Visuals[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Because 65% of people learn best through photographs, remember to share not only images of what's going on behind the scenes at your company, but also personal shots of yourself and images that communicate the substance of your brand so that your followers can give a face to your brand. Also, don't forget to include educational live videos, infographics, and quote graphics in your posts. Posts and tweets with visual content attract significantly greater engagement, regardless of the channel. [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Use the Past to Promote the Future[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Your followers and viewers look to you for your social media knowledge and relevant and intriguing material. But, from time to time, why not share blogs or images from earlier events and accomplishments to give them a better sense of who you are? [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]You may post images from your ribbon-cutting event or when you received an award from your local chamber of commerce, for example. It's just another way of humanizing yourself and making it easier for your followers and customers to connect with you.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Be Generous at All Times[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Small businesses, in particular, cannot afford to put customer service on the back burner, despite the fact that every firm should be customer-centric. On social media, we've already talked about the necessity of involvement and humanizing yourself, but don't forget to thank your consumers for their loyalty and business. [/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]They'll be more likely to submit positive customer reviews if they're happy with your products or services and you win their confidence. Take the time to create a personalized thank-you video or graphic that commemorates a particular milestone, in addition to expressing your gratitude with words. You may also express your gratitude in a more tangible way by giving your followers and customers special giveaways or prizes.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][b][size=4][highlight=transparent]Use "How-To" Content to Demonstrate Your Expertise[/highlight][/size][/b][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Your followers are hungry for industry knowledge, and with so much competition out there, you can stand out by providing them with helpful information. Use your skills and knowledge to create educational videos that will excite your fans and meet their demands. After all, four out of five followers find "how-to" videos helpful, and online shoppers are 1.81 times more likely to buy a product after watching one.[/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent][img width=624][/img][/highlight][/size][/justify] [justify][size=4][highlight=transparent]Social media is an important aspect of your company's marketing and branding strategy, but you must always look for methods to differentiate yourself in order to be successful. You'll be well on your way to standing out from the crowd if you implement these tips into your strategy. If you found this blog useful please leave a comment and share with all your friends.[/highlight][/size][/justify]