Lemon Chicken |Only Cookery. When life gives you lemons, make one of my all time Chinese takeout classics…  First of all you need to get a nice crispy batter round that chicken.  For a while I did the classic egg and flour method, but after some experimentation I landed on this one to add an extra layer of flavour as well as that crispy texture. Whisk your egg up with the soy and rice wine then dunk in your diced chicken.  Allow this to marinate in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.  Once that has done its business in the fridge then cover a plate in cornflour and plonk the chicken and the marinade as well on top then cover the whole lot in another layer of cornflour.  Get your hands in and mix it all up.  Then remove the chicken from the mess to get rid of any excess flour.  Fry in a hot wok in small batches until golden brown – in enough oil to cover most of the chicken.  That’s the chicken done. For the sauce, simply combine the ingredients in a wok, starting with the pastes, then sugar and honey.  Add the soy sauce and then the lemon juice and stock and reduce.  Once you have a nice sticky consistency drop in your chicken and heat through.