Sourdough focaccia |Only Cookery. This is the recipe for my Sourdough focaccia. Hope you enjoy! The dough Mix the 500g semola flour & the 38g water and leave to autolyse for 1hr Leaven 1:1 120g Add the leaven, mix and leave to rest for another hour Add the sea salt , mix well, leave for anther hour; Mix again, cover without using any plastic wrap, preferably choose a container with a lid, and leave to prove for about 12hrs at 20°C; Baking Shape the dough in 2 loafs; Leave to proof for about 2hrs at 20°C; Preheat the oven at 230°C, 80% moisture; After proofing place the dough on to a nonstick tray, flat it down gently, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt; Place in the oven and turn it down to 220°C; Bake for 15min