Luffa Acutangula Stir Fry |Only Cookery. [ul] [li] [ltr]Peel  Luffa Acutangula  completely , simply cut both ends off and slice it thinly into 1cm thick slices at an angle. Prepare and slice garlic, ginger and red chili.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Add cooking oil in a heated skillet and further put sliced garlic, ginger and red chili in to stir fry for a minute. Simply put oyster sauce in to mix. Lastly put sliced Luffa Acutangula in the skillet to stir well and simmer on medium heat with the lid on.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]A few minutes later, you will notice some juice at the bottom of the skillet, simply stir fry until it starts to dry out and then it’s ready to serve.[/ltr] [/li] [/ul]