Braised Eggplant with Garlic Sauce |Only Cookery. [ul] [li] [ltr]Slice long eggplant into small chucks and sit aside; Dice garlic and ginger, slice green onion.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Blend chicken leg meat into pureed meat or buy store bought ground chicken (or pork/beef/turkey).[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Mix sauce with salt, sugar, chicken powder, light soy sauce, dark vinegar, soy sauce, water and corn starch, mix well.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Pour adequate amount of cooking oil in a pot and heat it up to the right temperature. Put sliced eggplant in heated oil to deep fry until they turn golden brown, which takes a couple of minutes.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Heat up some cooking in a pan. Throw ground chicken in the pan to stir fry with cooking wine in it . Add in diced garlic and ginger and Pi Xian bean paste in the chicken once meat turns brown, stir fry for a couple of minutes until you smell the aroma comes out.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Further add in sauce mixture in the meat to mix, and put deep fried eggplant slices once juice starts to thicken up. Simply stir fry and garnish with chopped scallion.[/ltr] [/li] [/ul]