Chongqing Mao Xue Wang (Spicy Hot Pot) |Only Cookery. [ul] [li] [ltr]Clean up beef trip, pork blood curd and cut into slices; Dice garlic and ginger, slice scallion; Soak bean curd bean curd sheets and dried kelp in water for 20 minutes, and clean up cabbage and set aside.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Put pork blood slices in cold water with salt, bring to boil for a minute, and then remove from the heat.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Put cooking oil in a heated pot, add in some diced garlic and ginger, dried chili and Szechuan peppercorn to mix on medium heat.  Further put in Pi Xian bean paste and hot pot soup base sauce to fully mix for under a minute. Pour cold water into the sauce and bring to boil. Pour cold water into the sauce and bring to boil.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Season the broth as needed with chicken powder and light soy sauce(as needed). Add vegetables in the pot and boil them until tender and set aside in a bowl. Then put beef trip and blood curd slices to cook until tender, remove from the heat, top it on the vegetables. Place diced garlic & ginger, sliced scallion, dried red chili, white sesame seeds and Szechuan peppercorn on the top of bowl.[/ltr] [/li] [li] [ltr]Add cooking oil into a skillet until smoky. Pour heated oil on the top and garnish with cilantro, it’s ready to serve.[/ltr] [/li] [/ul]